Fraudtoday and IAPDA Certified Account Executives

iapda logoWith the recent adjustments to industry regulations, it is difficult for debt relief companies to scam consumers or perform illegal activities. Many federal and state legislators have altered the guidelines, limiting who can work in the debt relief field. As a result, several states have passed the Uniform Debt-Management Services Act (UDMSA), which bounds debt relief services to only those who are trained and certified. The UDMSA is the first national attempt to provide uniform rules overseeing both consumer credit counseling services and debt settlement services. Due to these new changes, Fraudtoday understands the importance of current education and information consumers receive, and has made it a priority to only employ Account Executives who have been certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

Consumers, creditors, collectors and legislators are now taking additional steps to confirm that they are working with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the business. To ensure consumers receive the most recent industry programs and regulations education, Fraudtoday maintains that their Account Executives are IAPDA certified and remain IAPDA certified. In order to avoid scam and rip-off labels amongst disbelieving consumers, Fraudtoday also assures that our account executives are current with the laws pertaining to debt, credit and collection. Moreover, our certified Account Executives have been trained with the professional knowledge and skills to advise consumers and clients of debt relief options available to them as solutions for resolving towering debt problems.

By being IAPDA certified our Account Executives are held to a high standard of ethics and professional conduct among members in the debt industry. Unlike other debt relief businesses, who believe in tactics such as scamming and strong arming, Account Executives at Fraudtoday have been provided with the most complete and vigorous training in the industry, allowing them to perceptively communicate with consumers. We are able to represent our client’s best interest during sensitive debt negotiations with creditors and collectors, permitting us to provide vital financial help and hope to millions of consumers.

The debt relief industry is now becoming more consumer and solution oriented and Fraudtoday is one of the few companies that have been able to evolve with the change. Consumers can easily verify Fraudtoday IAPDA certification status online.

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