Fraudtoday ScamWatch

Is Fraudtoday a scam?

On the contrary, Fraudtoday considers it important that consumers are educated in every aspect of their finances. Therefore, we have recognized the need for the everyday consumer to be alerted of scams and tactics in order to keep them educated and up-to-date with illegal strategies that are occurring in the industry.

Fraudtoday also understands that taking a step toward a successful financial future is hard enough without deceitful tricks and scams, and due to the deviant nature of these cons, we make an effort to report common scams that may occur in everyday activities. Our website provides easy access for consumers to view our latest articles and links that are updated on a regular basis about current rip-offs and cheats.

Why would we do this?

By providing this information, Fraudtoday hopes to educate consumers so they do not fall victim to these scams. It is in the best interest of the public to convey any immoral activities within the debt relief industry, to prevent unhealthy damage to their accounts. As a result, many more consumers are capable of making knowledgeable and wise decisions about their finances.

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